Sault Ste. Marie & Region

Welcome to Ontario’s best adventure town. Just being on the shore of the great lakes Sault Ste. Marie provides a world-class outdoor backdrop for all kinds of adventures. 

Situated on the original meeting grounds of the Anishinabek people in the heart of the great lakes, Sault Ste. Marie has always been a place where people come to visit. Great highway links from across Canada and the U.S. and short flights provides quick and easy access to our city. 

The City

There’s an energy in Sault Ste. Marie. You can feel it across our incredible land and waterscapes, along with our attraction and businesses. Our location along the shores of both Lake Superior and Lake Huron signifies a gathering place and a location that warmly welcomes all visitors. A vibrant and friendly community of 73,000, Sault Ste. Marie provides a mix of urban and natural amenities that offer an adventurous lifestyle in the heart of the Great Lakes. Take the time, live in the moment, find yourself…in Sault Ste. Marie. Click here to download our visitor guide.

The History

The Anishinaabe peoples of the Great Lakes traditionally called this area ‘Bawating’, meaning ‘place of the rapids’. Chosen by their Creator as the original meeting place since time immemorial, and surrounded by an abundance of natural resources, this sacred land continues to serve as a location for cultural ceremonies at the heart of Turtle Island.

Nestled between two of the greatest Great Lakes, Lake Superior and Lake Huron, Sault Ste. Marie is located on the shores of the St. Mary’s River. This magnificent waterway tells the story of incomparable ecology, history and heritage in one of the oldest settlements in Canada. A traditional meeting location, Voyageur route and center of trade, it remains a place of gathering surrounded by Indigenous culture and experiences that speak to the historical significance of its geographical location.

Algoma Country

Algoma Country is located in Northern Ontario bordering on Lake Superior in the north west and Lake Huron to its south. The geography with its old growth forests and countless rivers, lakes and streams means Algoma is home to astounding wildlife and fishing and hunting opportunities.

Algoma is a year round playground of fresh water, clean air, uncrowded trails and tons of things to see and do. From a relaxing hike to a challenging expedition into the far reaches of it’s many provincial parks, you can truly relax or test your skills. Blue skies, clear water, frozen lakes, fiery fall colors as far as the eye can see, and clean, fresh air make for the best vacations. 

Click here to visit the Algoma country website. 

Algoma map

Planning your stay in Sault Ste. Marie

Every great trip starts with a great plan, let us help. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure experience, a ride on a scenic train tour, or just a long weekend getaway, here are the tools to help you make that plan.