A Skier and Snowboarder’s Paradise

By Colin Field

The best snow, slopes, and tree skiing this side of the Rockies and the US border. Discover what makes Sault Ste. Marie one of Canada’s best places to ski

Dropping into the tree run to far skier’s right, I watch as the locals flow through the knee-deep snow. They dart between the trees, over jumps and into the air. I’m right there behind them, and we’re all whooping ecstatically. For skiers and snowboarders that chase powder, this is the dream. And when Searchmont gets snow, it is one seriously fun place to ski.

Just north of Sault Ste. Marie, Searchmont Resort has 700 feet of vertical, three chairlifts, and one Poma. It’s a friendly place that gets an annual average snowfall of 132 inches. The resort benefits from lake effect snow as cold air masses travel across Lake Superior and send the white fluffy stuff over Searchmont. Spending our first day tracking out the resort is the perfect way to start a trip in Algoma Country.

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